Blonde hair extension: Outstanding hair extensions on the hair market

23 / 12 / 2015

Blonde hair extension is one of the most difficult and outstanding products to produce today, it is gradually becoming the most unique product in the hair extension market.

The origin of Blonde hair extension

These blonde hair extension products have been on the market since around the time when new weft hair extensions products were introduced to the world market because one of the first hair extensions markets was the European market. The European hair extension market is mainly sourced from indigenous people’s hair, so it has a prominent blonde color that is only available in western countries.

When these blonde hair extension products were launched on the market, many people were surprised by their unique and somewhat strange beauty. But later on, when the market for hair extensions was expanded and this blonde hair extension product was produced in many different markets and became more popular, it was no longer strange to users. Besides, the use of this blonde hair extension product still brings outstanding effects because in many countries, blonde hair color is not the original hair color.

Pros and cons of Blonde hair extension

The outstanding features have made this product so popular, so let’s find out a few more about it below.

Pros of Blonde hair extension

The advantages of blonde hair extension products must be of great interest because many people still do not understand how this product is manufactured.

  • The most outstanding advantage of this blonde hair extension product is probably the fact that it is made from top quality raw hair sources. How can such a thing be certain? Blonde hair color is a special hair color and not many countries own this hair color. Blonde hair mainly comes from western countries but these countries are usually very developed so they no longer need to sell hair to the hair extensions market.
  • Therefore, these blonde hair extension products mostly come from treating coarse hair by bleaching and then coloring it. To be able to get such a prominent hair color, it must be through many steps of hair bleaching and if the quality of coarse hair is too weak, it will not be able to produce a beautiful bright hair color, so each blonde hair extension product is made from Raw hair sections of the highest quality
  • And when the customer uses this blonde hair extension product, the hair will become extremely outstanding. With the blonde hair color alone, the appearance changed quite a bit. Besides that, these blonde hair extension products can be easily fixed into many different hair colors because it has reached the lightest hair color and any color when dyed on this product can achieve a standard color best for customers.

Cons of Blonde hair extension

The disadvantages that need to be dealt with of this product also still exist, so let’s find out the information below.

  • Because it is hair that has been processed many times, the structure of the hair will not be intact as it was at first. This blonde hair extension product becomes much drier than unbleached hair products and has a relatively shorter shelf life than other products.
  • And with the production facing so many difficulties and stages, the price of this blonde hair extension product is also higher than usual. The factory will have to spend a lot of time to produce as well as use a lot of chemicals to bleach and preserve the hair well, so its price is higher than usual.
  • Finally, blonde hair extension product’s disadvantage is that it is more difficult to care for than other hair extension products. Being bleached many times has changed the structure of the hair, so the hair care also needs to be changed to be able to keep this blonde hair extension product beautiful and smooth. The oil products for this blonde hair extension product also have to be specially produced, so the price is also relatively high, so customers who want to buy to experience it also need to consider this product very carefully.

Blonde hair extension at 5S hair factory

5S hair factory is well known for handling hair extensions in terms of both quality and appearance. Each of these blonde hair extension products sold to the market is handled by 5S hair factory with the most careful and professional stages. Moreover, with the raw hair source being Vietnamese hair, it makes it easier for the 5S hair factory to succeed in creating these blonde hair extension products in the most complete way possible. When buying at 5S hair factory, every customer always receives full service from the product to the details of how to use and maintain the product.